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Welcome to the Vermont Center for Bioesthetic Dentistry. My staff and I look forward to you searching this website to find out how our dental practice fits with your healthy lifestyle.

Click here to learn how The Vermont Center for Bioesthetic Dentistry can improve your smile AND your health... Naturally!


Our goal is to provide the treatment paths to lifelong dental health. We believe that nature intended you to keep your beautiful smile for a lifetime and we practice the kind of dentistry that always focuses us on that goal.

When we view our beautiful Vermont landscapes, we are reminded that nature has a quiet intelligence that assures its continuation and breathtaking beauty. The human body is a part of that natural world and Bioesthetic Dentistry has unlocked a path, a plan that allows us to help you maintain a beautiful, youthful long lasting smile.

Our focus is helping those who have occlusion problems or want to change their smiles cosmetically.  Bioesthetic dentistry is based on getting the lower jaw aligned to its natural position, aligning the teeth to close correctly so the mouth, neck and head are relaxed and balanced.  Doing this can eliminate TMJ, cracked, worn or loose teeth, as well as migraine headaches, back and neck pain.  This approach also allows for a beautiful lasting smile.

Bioesthetic Dentistry has been able to help thousands of people for more than twenty years.  (Go to the Bioesthetics page to watch a 6 minute video that tells the story of three very grateful patients.) We feel confident that if you suffer from any of these conditions, we can help.


We also have excellent solutions for those who want cosmetic changes to their smile.  Please click on this link to go to the Cosmetic Dentistry page.


  “Anyone can have cosmetic dentistry to improve their smile, but if their bite compromises their teeth and jaw joint, the investment will go up in smoke because the work will break down. Not with Bioesthetic Dentistry.”
-- Mark Luttrell, DDS